basic information

The Ladoga Group is a strategic partnership of several independent enterprises that are united to effectively solve the problems of the production and import of alcoholic beverages and bring it to the consumer.

Ladoga occupies a leading position in the alcoholic beverages market in Russia.

By the enterprises of the group is carried out:

Production of more than 100 kinds of drinks of different strength.

Import over 500 SKU from around the world.

Service more than 100,000 points of sale worldwide.

Export products to more than 50 countries.

Ladoga” products were awarded more than 60 gold medals at various international competitions. The leader in terms of awards among Ladoga products is Imperial Collection Gold vodka.

In particular, Ladoga products received medals at such alcohol screenings as the International Review of the Spirits Award, the Beverly Hills International Spirits Awards, the Vodka Masters, the Monde Selection, the Superior Taste Award, the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition, Prodexpo, United Vodka, Russian vodka & drinks for the American market, BestVodkaAward, ANUGA, Vinexpo, SIAL, Moscow Wine & Spirits Competition.

The Ladoga plant is equipped with five bottling lines with a total production capacity of 5 million dal products per year;

In the preparation of beverages used up to 12 degrees of purification through a complex multi-stage filter system, including carbon columns, sand and membrane filters and filters from the latest composite nanomaterials;

Ladoga is one of the leading producers of alcoholic beverages in the premium and super premium segments.

Ladoga is a member of the Union of Alcohol Producers (SPAP) and the Association of Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturers (APAN), the most influential industry associations of the largest alcohol producers in Russia.

Production features 

For the preparation of premium and super premium segment vodka, the plant uses high-quality, thoroughly purified, ethyl rectified spirit of the category “Lux”, produced from grain and having the highest tasting score. Grain is grown in an area located at a considerable distance from industrial centers, on environmentally impeccable fertile soils in which only natural fertilizers are applied. An equally important component of premium and super premium vodkas is water from Lake Ladoga, Europe’s largest source of clean drinking water. The glacial origin of Lake Ladoga gives the water a special softness and unique taste. Getting to the plant, the water passes through a complex multi-stage filtration system, at the final stage of which it is enriched with the necessary microelements.


The vodka “ZVER” on the contrary does not contain any additional ingredients and is made according to the formula “alcohol + water + multiple purification”. The final chord in the manufacture of this vodka - the passage of water-alcohol mixture through a special composite nano-filter Zeta Carbone. And in the manufacture of vodka IMPERIAL COLLECTION GOLDEN SNOW

23-carat gold leaf flakes are used.

After preparation of the blends (making the necessary components), vodka is left for “rest” for 12 (ordinary vodka) - 48 (Premium vodka) hours to complete all the ongoing processes. Then the finished vodka is filtered through filter elements from natural, environmentally friendly materials to give it absolute transparency and crystal brilliance. Thus, unlike vodkas produced at other enterprises, Ladoga vodkas undergo up to 12 filtration steps in the preparation process.

Product quality 

The plant pays close attention to the quality of its products. After all, quality is the basis of professional and corporate reputation as one of the leading alcohol producers in Russia. Absolutely all the products of the plant are manufactured in full compliance with all national and international standards and undergo the strictest quality control at all stages of production.

One of the most important aspects of the successful development of production and maintaining a high level of product quality is its constant modernization and introduction of the latest scientific developments. For this purpose, a research department has been established at the plant. Its employees are studying the latest achievements of science and technology for their introduction into production. The main goal of the department’s work is to find fundamentally new solutions in the field of the quality of alcoholic beverages. The most priority and urgent task is the development and production of alcoholic beverages with a reduced level of toxicity of ethyl alcohol and having improved consumer properties.


In order to guarantee the release of safe and high-quality products, a food safety management system (Food Safety System Certification 22000), developed in the European Union, was introduced and certified at the Ladoga plant. FSSC 22000 is a certification scheme for a food safety management system that includes the ISO 22000 international standard, a technical specification and additional FSSC requirements.

One of the advantages of this system is the requirement for conducting a risk analysis, which allows to prevent or reduce to a minimum and control the hazards that threaten products and gives the company and consumers confidence in the release of safe, high-quality and competitive products.