Bodegas el cidacos

The company was founded in 1958. Location: Spain, La Rioja, Tudelilla.

Bodegas El Cidacos ("Bodegas El Sidakos") is one of the largest wine companies in Rioja. Production capacity is more than 3 million bottles per year.

This company has preserved the family principles of production and continues the centuries-old traditions of winemaking. The success of Bodegas El Cidacos is largely determined by the fact that this enterprise uses a flexible, differentiated approach to managing the production process. Every year, regardless of climatic conditions, grape quality and market conditions, winemakers of Bodegas El Cidacos achieve the best quality of the final product.

The farm has its own vineyards. The main varieties of grapes grown are Tempranillo, Garnacha, Macabeo. A significant part of the enterprise’s vineyards consists of old vines (over 35 years old) with naturally low yields (only about 2.5 kg of berries from the vine), which is reflected in the style of Bodegas El Cidacos wines, especially the categories of aging and reserve.

Wines under the brands Conde Otiñano and Marqués de Abadia, produced by Bodegas El Cidacos, are a classic example of quality, authentic wine from the great Rioja.

The fruits of the work of winemakers Bodegas El Cidacos were highly rated without exaggeration by the most famous wine critic of Spain, Jose Penin - Marques de Abadia 2010 Reserva and Marques de Abadia 2010 Crianza, received 86 and 85 points respectively.

The wines produced by the winery, have been repeatedly awarded by the jury of international competitions, for example, such as BACCHUS, Zarcillo de Plata and WorldFood. 


Bodegas Camino Real Spain

The company was founded in 1989. Location: Spain, Navarra, Corella.

At all stages of production, the company carries out strict quality control, which includes strict regulation of fermentation and stabilization temperatures, continuous monitoring of the quality of wine during aging, and the use of the most modern equipment on bottling lines.

Using such traditional varieties for the region as Viura, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Masuelo and Graciano, the company's specialists blend them with Cabernet and Merlot, which perfectly adapted in the region.

Wine under the brand names Casa Neri, Videncia, Festa la Vista, produced by Camino Real Spain is a classic example of quality, affordable Spanish wine.