Dear Partner!

Amlar Company welcomes you to our site.

The basis of our company's regional business development strategy throughout the country is active work with distributors in all the states of Brazil.

To achieve the goal of maximizing the distribution of our products, we are open to new mutually beneficial communications with companies wishing to become our distributors.

Our values:

Maneuverability - we are able to quickly make a decision and in the shortest possible time to deliver products.

Package offer - our wide range of products allows you to create interesting offers for customers of any category and format.

Demand is a steady demand and the fame of our products provides a high and permanent income.

Loyalty - individual conditions of cooperation and various programs on DISCOUNTS, allow our partners to choose the appropriate business model for them.

Marketing support - commercials on well-known Internet channels, the organization of events, a wide selection of various POS-materials, conducting training seminars and entertainment projects help to stimulate sales of selected brands.

Register on our website and send an application for distributor rights. (Link)

Detailed conditions for distributors can be found here (link)

Call (phone) or write to us (e-mail), and we will certainly find a common language.

We are open for fruitful cooperation and are always glad to get acquainted with new partners for joint and mutually beneficial business.

For distributors:

Contract Terms:

1. Amlar enters into supply contracts on terms that do not discriminate against partners in order to provide customers with high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

2. Amlar seeks to build its relations with partners on the principles of openness, equality and honesty.

3. Amlar distributors can only be companies of any form of ownership, registered in the prescribed manner and meeting the below listed conditions.

4. A prerequisite for concluding a contract with a distributor is that he has the appropriate permits from state bodies for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

5. To enter into a contract, the company provides copies of the following documents:

  • CPNJ
  • Social contract
  • Alvar
  • N Mapa
  • Lease agreement (sublease) or certificate of ownership of commercial space.
  • A copy of the passport and proof of authority of the person signing the contract.
  • A copy of the contract of residence of the person who signed the contract.
  • List and copies of documents of the persons in charge of receiving the goods (name, CPF, passport)

6. Additional requirements for concluding an agreement:

  • The company is not in the process of reorganization / liquidation / bankruptcy;
  • The company has a reputation of a reliable partner. The reputation of the agent must meet the following criteria:
  • absence of facts of default by the company
  • the company has a strong financial position and is solvent.
  • no violations by the company of the provisions of the current Brazilian legislation
  • the lack of information about violations by the company of contracts for the supply of goods concluded with other partners.
  • lack of information about the facts of illegal use of intellectual property by the company.

7. Material terms of the contract.

The essential terms of the contract are the conditions on its subject, the conditions called essential in the law for contracts of this type, as well as the conditions that the parties define as essential

For the supply contract, the conditions on the item (name of the goods) and quantity, as well as the condition on the date of transfer of the goods are essential. In addition, the essential condition of the contract will be a condition on the price of goods, which depends on the delivery territory, standards for the sale of goods in retail outlets, complex logistic conditions, sales volume of goods and / or one-time delivery, the breadth of the supplied range, payment terms, and the geography of trading Buyer points.

8. In the case of providing a complete set of necessary documents and the company's compliance with the requirements, Amlar enters into a supply contract in the manner prescribed by the Brazilian Civil Code, in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Competition. The supplier may offer to conclude a supply contract on a prepaid basis if there are doubts that the company fully meets the criteria of a reliable partner.

9. Standard forms of supply contracts are posted on the website (link)

The supplier has the right to conclude a supply contract in the form provided by the counterparty if the conditions of such a contract are acceptable to the supplier.

10. The disclosure of this information about the conditions for selecting partners for a supply contract is not a public offer.

11. The supplier has the right to revise these conditions at any time, to make changes and additions to them.